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Alibaba Cloud empowers Indonesia's digital transformation efforts by enabling customers to meet local security standards and ensuring consistency in their operations, as well as by providing comprehensive solutions and personable client servicing that local businesses can adapt to and learn from.

Our competitive advantage in Indonesia

Local Data Centers
Alibaba Cloud owns data centers generate low latency for data transfers, offers you easiness to transfer your data. We are going to launch our 3rd data center & scrubbing center in Indonesia in early 2021.

24hours/7days Technical support
We are ready to give our clients technical supports 24 hours anytime anywhere for Alibaba Account Users. We will try to give our customers responsive service in order to meet our customers' growing needs.

Our offerings for Indonesia

Competitive Price and Solutions
We deliver a wide range of cloud computing solutions to Indonesian customers with an unbeatable price.

Security Compliance with the highest international standards
We are committed in giving a cloud computing solution that is trusted and secure, including fast and reliable data access with the highest international compliant standards.

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Join the conversation between Alibaba Cloud and the C-Level from Indonesian tech leaders to share the digital strategies implemented during COVID-19 to "Spark Innovation, Unlock Possibilities". We will discuss core data strategies and digital infrastructures that will drive the next phase of cloud adoption in a post-Covid-19 era.

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The Challenge

Today’s consumers of video content are now accustomed to using OTT (Over the Top) video providers and Internet services. Indeed, they have come to expect a more flexible and interactive viewing experience. Consumers demand more choice, convenience and control over their viewing. This flexibility makes consumer demand for content unpredictable, while producers of content; including MNC, are required to produce a larger volume of content more frequently and to distribute it faster, in order to remain competitive. Media and entertainment companies are being disrupted by ‘pure play’ OTT video companies.

The Solution

MNC recognised the need for a scalable, agile and cost effective solution. Given that cloud computing can address these requirements, MNC evaluated cloud computing offerings. Alibaba Cloud has two data centers in Indonesia. It is the only global public cloud provider that operates datacenters in Indonesia. Cloud technology helps MNC to solve the problems with ensuring the right service level quality and back-end interconnectivity, and offers enhanced capabilities. This enables MNC to focus on its business and product development, building new features in order to help it to compete.

Why Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud provides industry-leading performance of content delivery across Indonesia and offers flexible commercial terms with an on demand model. MNC can control costs based on demand. So, for example, when demand is higher for content, it will pay more and when demand is lower, it will pay less.

The Challenge

The early use of an Offline to Online (O2O) operating model made Kopi Kenangan a pioneer in Southeast Asia’s retail sector, allowing the business to provide a personalized shopping experience for its customers. Kopi Kenangan had grown from a small standalone shop with a grab-and-go concept to over 370 stores across Indonesia today .As the company continues to grow, it started to struggle to match its existing applications with the requirements of its growing online business.

The Solution

Kopi Kenangan speed up the database transactions with little or no replication lag with Alibaba Cloud PolarDB, which runs at six times the speed of standard mySQL databases. Kopi Kenangan also collect and process data points from different sources in order to build business intelligence dashboards that track everything from customer insights to fraud patterns with AnalyticDB for Postgre SQL and Dataworks. With Alibaba Cloud, Kopi Kenangan successfully speeds up product development and customer service processes, creating a tailored customer experience.

Why Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud’s agility, flexibility and lack of downtime had impressed Kopi Kenangan. For them, Alibaba Cloud is not only provide great real-time support, but we are up to date on technological innovations that cater to the requirements of the Indonesian market. Many Alibaba Cloud's new products and features were launched to suit Kopi Kenangan’s specific needs. Moreover, the partnership with Alibaba Cloud has been about great technology and great innovation -- along with that important human touch.

The Challenge

Although DANA was using cloud technology from the start, most of it was on-prem and run through DANA's own data centres. As business picked up, DANA found that these features could not match their rate of growth. DANA needed to meet local compliance requirements for its electronic payments and, for its on-premise infrastructure, the company faced mounting operational and compliance costs to achieve this. High latency issues as well as data and network security risks were also negatively impacting its network.

The Solution

Cloud computing is especially cost-efficient and operationally effective during promotional campaigns. By using Alibaba Cloud Container for Kubernetes (ACK), we can easily auto-scale resources and support large traffic volumes. Data analytics is also vital to DANA’s business intelligence. Powered by MaxCompute and DataWorks, DANA's merchant portal provides an intuitive dashboard so merchants can access their specific analytic insights – whenever they need it. DANA also using the latest technologies like WAF, Anti-ddos and Security Centre, where they can reinforce security using the latest technologies, without the hassle of managing them in-house.

Why Alibaba Cloud

DANA worked with Alibaba Cloud to address the various challenges the business faced in a cost-effective manner, allowing the company’s continued growth and expediting innovation across its mobile payment platform. Working with Alibaba Cloud, DANA simplified and modernized its IT infrastructure, reduced its operational requirements, and built a secure and fast transaction network

The Challenge, a clinic information system provider and doctorSHARE, a non-profit organization focusing on healthcare services and humanitarian aid, needs to provide rural residents in Indonesia with access to healthcare information especially related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The team will prepare a platform that will be offered for free to patients visiting the Nusa Waluya II Floating Hospital, one of doctorSHARE’s programs in reaching remote areas, with the aim of bringing a more integrated healthcare accessibility to people living in rural areas of Indonesia.

The Solution

Alibaba Cloud will provide cloud computing resources to support the healthcare information platform operated by Patients can access to the platform via an application (URL) to get teleconsultation services including having video calls with reputable doctors from partnering hospitals across the country.

Why Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud could improve access to healthcare services for Indonesians especially during such a major pandemic, not only for residents living in big cities but also those in remote and rural areas who may lack of access to necessary medical information.

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Alibaba Cloud Ranked No.1 by Gartner in Asia Pacific

Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing and data intelligence arm of Alibaba Group, has been named first in Asia Pacific(*) market share for IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and IUS (Infrastructure Utility Services) in two consecutive years as per Gartner’s latest report revealed earlier this month named Market Share: IT Services, 2019.
* Asia Pacific = Mature Asia / Pacific + Greater China + Emerging Asia / Pacific + Japan (Region)

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