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Inspiring next-gen entrepreneurs to innovate and solve Indonesia’s most pressing problems with advanced cloud technology.

Driving Indonesia's Digital Innovation from Within

Alibaba Cloud empowers Indonesia's digital transformation efforts by enabling customers to meet local security standards and ensuring consistency in their operations, as well as by providing comprehensive solutions and personable client servicing that local businesses can adapt to and learn from.

In Indonesia

Local Compliance
Local data centers generate low latency for data transfers as well as offer fast and secure data storage and access that is 100% compliant with local Indonesian standards.

Partner Ecosystem
Powered by local partners,a comprehensive ecosystem delivers relevant and responsive solutions that cater to the specific needs of Indonesian customers.

For Indonesia

Top-of-the-line Solutions & Client Servicing
Alibaba Cloud provides cutting-edge solutions through responsive client servicing that enables businesses to lead in speed and agility and keep pace with the needs of the Indonesian market.

Sharing Best-in-Class Practices
Alibaba Cloud empowers the development of Indonesia’s tech and business talent by sharing best-in-class practices with clients and their employees.

Meet Indonesia's Most Successful Tech Pioneers

Hear their inspiring stories and find out how they are disrupting industry models, changing the way business is being done, and creating happy customers with help from Alibaba Cloud.

The Challenge

Blue Power Technology (BPT) is one of the leading IT experts in Indonesia that provides a wide range of IT solutions. Among its offerings, cloud computing has become an increasingly important part of their business, given clients’ increasing demands for effective data management.

The Solution

BPT’s professional relationship with Alibaba Cloud has given them an edge in developing effective and efficient roadmaps that seek to align technical infrastructures alongside the business goals of every organization. BPT provides the know-how to address the dynamic challenges of business and technology needs, as well as the competence to integrate and modernize existing systems quickly in a cost-efficient manner.

Why Alibaba Cloud

Since 2017, Blue Power Technology has partnered with Alibaba Cloud to use their secure and reliable cloud and local data center capabilities to give their customers improved and easier access to their own data. Since then, they have continued to pay it forward, ensuring that many other Indonesian enterprises are able leverage the benefits of cloud technology to create impact across the country.

The Challenge

As a startup Indonet's first office was tiny, it was just a small house located in East Jakarta. But from those humble beginnings, they did not hesitate and soon grew to the largest internet provider in Indonesia. Now, they are one of the top technology companies in the world let alone in Indonesia.

The Solution

From humble beginnings, the company has blossomed into a business enabler that delivers reliable local infrastructure, data centers, and managed IT services in Indonesia. As they looked toward the future, they have integrated Alibaba Cloud services and products that gives Indonet a competitive advantage and allow their other online services such as POS systems to thrive.

Why Alibaba Cloud

In 2017, the company partnered with Alibaba Cloud, acting as the main distributor for the latter’s cloud computing services in Indonesia. The partnership has seen success from both sides of the deal. Aside from Alibaba Cloud gaining entry into the Indonesian market, Indonet has been able to grow their market share by over 100%.

The Challenge

When Alibaba acquired Lazada, Alibaba performed the technical reconstruction of the Lazada e-commerce platform through two technical upgrade programs in 2016 and 2017 respectively called Voyager I and II. Involved in every step was Alibaba Cloud, which provided the underlying technology solution for the Lazada e-commerce platform.

The Solution

By deploying Alibaba Cloud's Anti-DDoS solutions, non-malicious traffic was able to access and use Lazada's platform without any problems, ensuring business continuity. Lazada also leveraged Alibaba Cloud's Content Distribution Network (CDN) and Apsara Live to deliver a comprehensive omnichannel experience to both to shoppers and sellers alike.

Why Alibaba Cloud

After the completion of the Voyager programs, the Lazada e-commerce platform had the bandwidth and elasticity to support both the 11.11 Shopping Festival and 12.12 shopping festivals. In just two days the Lazada application supported over 1.3 billion visits and supported customers buying and shipping throughout southeast Asia.

The Challenge

As their business grew, so did their IT infrastructure requirements. Knowing that their market is in Indonesia, Passpod needed a reliable platform with complete features and that is located in Indonesia to provide faster connectivity to their customers. Passpod have been using cloud resources in outside Indonesia, and they find the performance and reliability was not as good as what they expected.

The Solution

Fortunately, with the help of Alibaba Cloud’s cutting-edge technology, they are able to effectively serve and scale alongside the expanding needs of their huge customer base. Through Alibaba Cloud’s local data centers and a diverse range of integrated solutions, from analytics to big data services, Passpod is able to offer faster and more reliable connectivity to many Indonesian travelers.

Why Alibaba Cloud

Since 2017, Passpod has been catering to the internet connectivity needs of Indonesian travellers. Initially offering portable 4G wifi modems (Mifis) rental, they have evolved into a one stop traveling solution that now offers Worldwide SIM Cards, travel insurance, tickets to local events, and admissions to over 1,000 tourist attractions worldwide.

The Challenge

Indonesia's economy is slated to become Southeast Asia's largest economies. As Indonesia's economy booms so have Sales1CRM customer base, but with growth came new challenges. Sales1CRM found that its existing IT infrastructure was struggling to keep up with its customer's demands. Sales1CRM need to increase the capacity, and scalability led them to Alibaba Cloud.

The Solution

Alibaba Cloud had an answer to all their problems with their cloud services. With Alibaba Cloud, Sales1CRM didn't need to invest huge money upfront for IT Infrastructure. Instead, they simply used Alibaba Cloud to deploy all our IT requirements, which are integrated and can be managed on a unified platform.

Why Alibaba Cloud

The Sales1CRM Team deploys all IT requirements on Alibaba Cloud as the services are mutually integrated and can be managed on a single platform. Sales1CRM is now able to scale up its offerings and adapt to the changing needs of its customers, while managing infrastructure costs, helping many local businesses significantly improve how they manage their customers.

The Challenge

Asa Kita needed to implement the system on a stable and proven cloud platform with high-performance and scalable containerized application management service. The cloud platform also must have local data center in Indonesia in order to address the local Data Sovereignty issue.

The Solution

Asa Kita found that Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes ensures a reliable and consistent experience, provides workload portability, and also provides scalability and stability that is required by the application. Alibaba Cloud's Kubernetes platform makes it easy to scale-out and scale-in resources, adapting to fluctuating demands and delivering a consistent performance and experience to end users. This highly adaptive Kubernetes platform also helps customer optimize their cost based on actual usage.

Why Alibaba Cloud

With a micro service application architecture, Asa Kita needed a Docker-based platform for enterprise-level containerized applications and Kubernetes as cluster management system that can be easily managed throughout entire application lifecycle. Asa Kita finally chose to implement the system on Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes as it is a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) and is qualified by Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program.

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Alibaba Cloud Ranked No.1 by Gartner in Asia Pacific

Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing and data intelligence arm of Alibaba Group, has been named first in Asia Pacific(*) market share for IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and IUS (Infrastructure Utility Services) in two consecutive years as per Gartner’s latest report revealed earlier this month named Market Share: IT Services, 2018.
* Asia Pacific = Mature Asia / Pacific + Greater China + Emerging Asia / Pacific + Japan (Region)

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